ResMed to Begin Selling Mobi, Its First Portable Oxygen Concentrator for COPD

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by José Lopes, PhD |

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ResMed has introduced Mobi, a portable oxygen concentrator for people with chronic respiratory diseases.

Oxygen therapy is the most important non-drug component of the treatment of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

San Diego-based ResMed said Mobi, which is lightweight and has a good battery life, will go on sale in the first quarter of 2018. Those who need extra oxygen can use it at home, while traveling, or while taking part in daily activities, including exercise.

Unlike tanks, whose oxygen runs out, portable oxygen concentrators take oxygen out of the air, so they do not need refilling.

“We have focused decades of patient-centered ResMed technology and design innovation” into the device, Mick Farrell, the CEO of ResMed, said in a press release.

ResMed developed a device to help sleep apnea patients before it created Mobi. AirMini, a continuous positive airway pressure device, provides waterless humidification to sleep apnea patients. It is the smallest portable of its kind on the market.

“We’ve achieved great mobility, comfort and therapy quality in sleep apnea treatment with AirMini, the world’s smallest PAP [positive airway pressure] device. Mobi offers that same great balance to the many millions of people who rely on supplemental oxygen to enjoy their highest quality of life,” Farrell said.

Increasing the mobility of COPD patients who need oxygen therapy is important to their well-being, studies have shown. As an example, regular exercise, which lowers the risk of patients being admitted to the hospital, requires a certain level of mobility.

In fact, workouts are a key strategy for helping COPD patients improve their breathing, because it strengthens their lung muscles and increases their ability to exercise.

A clinical trial showed that regular training improved COPD patients’ performance on the six-minute walking distance test, which measures exercise capacity and patients’ response to treatments.

“The time is now for portable oxygen,” Farrell said. “Our patients demand a device that enables them to get out of their house and travel to visit friends and family. Mobi gives the gift of freedom to millions.”

Patients can obtain Mobi through home medical equipment providers, ResMed said.

The company is seeking permission to market it in other countries as well.

ResMed acquired Inova Labs in 2016.