Debunking 5 Major Lung Transplant Myths

Professor Daniel Chambers from the Queensland Lung Transplant Service, at The Prince Charles Hospital in Brisbane, Australia, debunks some myths about lung transplants for patients with lung problems. Read about five of the myths here:

Myth 1: Lung Transplantation is an experimental treatment.

Lung transplant was considered “revolutionary” when it was first performed in Canada in 1983. Nowadays, it’s a well-established treatment for patients suffering from advanced lung diseases. Over 40,000 transplants have been successfully performed worldwide.

Here are some of the signs and symptoms associated with COPD


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  1. Olga says:

    I love your site very informative. Im a semi-retired nurse. Had Stage 4 Lung CA w/metastasis to R.Adrenal in 2002.Then diagnosed with Emphysema. Yes I was a smoker 20 yrs ago.Thank God for the scientists that developed Anoro Ellipta, life saving. Yes it’s a LAMA.I read article in Lama vs Laba. It’s difficult to treat pts that have Emphysema and bronchiectasis 2 different monsters.But it’s not impossible.Thank goodness that pulmonary REHAB is mentioned. It is a Life Line for COPD. Exercise for the rest of the pts life,w/o it exacerbations,hospital ICU and severe loss of lung function. Also there is still a lack of pt. Teaching. Most pts do not breath correctly. Diaphram breathing, Diet,protein,fruits, veggies, using inhalers incorrectly.Dirty equipment. This all contributes to hospitalizations.Also the low socioeconomic group. They are really in trouble.We need more Resp.Therapists and Good COPD nurses,and more Resp.Therapy that are dedicated to pt. TEACHING in the home. This would save alot of money to the gov.less hospitalizations.its a win for everyone.

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