The spring sunshine of May lightens my mood and helps with exercise

The month is a time for gardening and trail hiking

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May brings sunshine and Mother Nature’s renewal with the blooming of flowers and the greening of leaves. This month has also brought the parting of the clouds of my oppressive thoughts, and the sunshine has lightened my dark mood. I am no longer struggling to stay positive, but wake with a smile on my face and a song on my lips.

Exercise is important to those of us with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It becomes much easier for me when it comes in the form of walking the aisles of a local garden center as I decide which plants I want to purchase.

My arms get a good workout as I carry the items to my car, and then to where they will be planted. Digging holes for them also provides good exercise to my arms and core muscles.

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Sunshine brings out the adventurous side of me, which in turn causes me to venture out to explore new hiking trails. I also take delight in getting reacquainted with my old favorite ones. The lakefront trail at Little Beaver State Park in West Virginia is one of my favorites, the first one I visit in the spring.

I never tire of the beautiful view of the bridge that crosses a little stream that feeds the lake. As visitors walk along in the forest, they come upon a sudden clearing where the bridge is visible.

Shopping for plants brings another type of renewal. I see old friends who are fellow flower and vegetable nuts doing their shopping. We stop and chat for a few minutes. These encounters help to shoo the clouds of darkness away.

During the long, dark, winter days, I’d often wake up, look at the clock, and ask myself what the point was in getting up. Now, I no longer want to stay in bed and am anxious to see the progress of plants I’ve planted the previous day.

Morning light brings about the delight of seeing new flowers in bloom. I can barely wait to get outside and enjoy the beautiful fruits of my labor, brought about by sunshine and water.

Unlike the winter months, the rain doesn’t cloud my day but brings relief that I now have a reason to stay inside and get caught up on the laundry and housework. My mood improves as May progresses through her days.

I hope that you enjoy the spring season as much as I do. To me, it symbolizes a fresh start after winter has passed.

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Happy Spring Caroline...Great message👍


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