Inova Labs’ Activox DUO2 Receives Award in Respiratory Home Equipment

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Inova Labs Inc., a company dedicated to medical devices for the treatment of respiratory conditions including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), recently received the New Product Award 2015 for its oxygen concentrator system Activox DUO2™.

The award was given by HME Business, part of the HME Media Group, which offers legislative updates, news, information and education on products and technology in the field of home medical equipment. Every year, HME Business chooses novel relevant technologies in several medical fields to receive the New Product Award. The prize honors outstanding product development achievements. This year, Inova Labs’ Activox DUO2 was one of the awardees, being the winner on the category Respiratory – In-Home Equipment. The winners will be highlighted in the December 2015 issue of HME Business magazine.

Activox DUO2 is the first fully integrated, both stationary and portable, oxygen concentrator system that combines the portability of a lightweight concentrator with the benefits of a continuous flow stationary concentrator, offering a 24-hour oxygen solution for patients with COPD and other respiratory conditions that need oxygen-based treatment.

“Our team at Inova Labs is committed to helping the COPD patient to stay active and sleep well,” said John Rush, Chief Executive Officer of Inova Labs, in a press release. “We believe the DUO2 System achieves both of these objectives by providing a portable device with best in class combination of weight, size and battery life for the active patient. At the same time, this integrated system also provides a 5L continuous flow oxygen solution for nighttime use which sets the standard for quiet, reliable performance.”

COPD is one of the most common lung diseases and a major cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide, being the third leading cause of death in the United States. It is a progressive disease in which individuals develop serious problems in breathing with obstruction of the airways, shortness of breath (dyspnea), cough and acute exacerbations. It is estimated that 210 million people suffer from COPD worldwide, including almost 27 million individuals in the United States. Smoking is considered to be the leading cause of COPD. Patients with COPD can require oxygen treatment to increase their oxygen levels in the blood, ultimately facilitating breathing, boosting energy, increasing quality of life, and helping the patient live longer.