Lung association launches resource hub for living with lung disease

Wellness Hub provides tools including videos, articles, recipes

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The American Lung Association has launched the Wellness Hub, a resource designed to improve the everyday lives of people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other lung diseases.

Wellness Hub content, including disease-specific online classes, live and on-demand webcasts, and educational resources for improving mental and physical health, is available for free to members of the association’s Patient & Caregiver Network. Membership is free and accessible to all.

“Many lung diseases like COPD, pulmonary fibrosis (PF) and asthma have no cure, so a person will be living with the disease for their entire life,” Harold Wimmer, the American Lung Association‘s president and CEO, said in an association press release. “A diagnosis can be scary and lung diseases are often very isolating, which is why communities like the Wellness Hub are critical to improve the lives of people living with these diseases and their families.”

The Patient & Caregiver Network connects caregivers and people with lung diseases, including COPD, PF, asthma, and lung cancer, with peers across the country. Members have access to support groups, educational materials, and research on developments such as clinical trials.

The Wellness Hub “provides a compassionate space where movement, mindfulness, and valuable resources empower patients and caregivers to navigate life’s journey with strength and well-being,” the association states on the initiative website.

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Mindfulness, nutrition, support

Among the site’s features are mindfulness practices to help manage stress and improve decision-making skills, as well as strategies to foster self-support and resilience. The hub also has partner-based practices for lung disease patients and their caregivers.

The Wellness Hub also provides access also to nutrition ideas and recipes tailored to lung disease patients, and considering several factors, including their ethnicity, flavor preferences, and nutrient needs. As physical activity is increasingly recognized as a pillar of good health, classes focused on movement practices are included

There’s also a library of educational articles, videos, and mini-courses.

The first available resources will focus on easy physical and mental health activities. As the Wellness Hub’s libraries continue to grow, additional videos, classes, and resources will be rolled out based on feedback from members.

“My hope is that people will feel like these practices were truly made for them and that they gain a series of trusted tools for support each day,” said wellness coach Jenna Zaffino, the Patient & Caregiver Network’s signature expert. “Our goal is to offer content that helps them feel like they’re building toward something that supports the quality of their lives, whether that’s physical strength, an expanded mindset or creating a consistent breathwork practice.”