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8 Interesting Facts About Your Lungs

Breathing is the most important thing your body does. Without breathing, you simply cannot live. It’s something you do without even thinking—unless you suffer from a lung condition that makes breathing a difficult task. There are many facts about the respiratory system and the lungs that most people are unaware of.

Understanding COPD Through Animation

This video from Animated COPD Patient, shared in August 2014, explains a little bit more about chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), including why it happens, what the symptoms are and the treatment options available. COPD diagnosis with lung function test linked to decreased mortality and fewer hospital…

Courtagen Introduces New Tests for Mitochrondrial Disorders

Courtagen Life Sciences, Inc., released several new Next Generation Sequencing tests designed to evaluate people with epilepsy and mitochondrial disease. Mitochondrial diseases are inherited or chronic illness. They can occur either at birth or may develop later, and include problems with development and cognition. They may cause poor growth, lack of coordination, weakness, pain and seizures.